While the neurofeedback method started with biofeedback and was used in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy, it is a groundbreaking method in the field with its use in many sports clubs and F-1 pilots, with the effect of increasing attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, sleep disorder and attention memory performance.

Neurofeedback is a kind of brain exercise. It is a technique that leads to a permanent change in cognitive functions by focusing on the brain waves of the person and especially the brain waves that increase concentration. The basic working principle is to save the nerve cells from negative communication with the feedback method, to restore them to their old functions, and to improve the brain regions with adaptation in the future, and to have a positive effect on high human functions such as attention, memory and concentration. This restructuring process will of course be with repetitive stimulation sessions. Because shaping an organ as complex as the brain will require a process. As human beings, we always demand quick effect and quick treatment. This is necessary for healing processes and goals of attaining health in all diseases. However, this process often takes time.