Who Provides Mental Health Services?

When getting help on a subject, it is necessary to get help from an expert on that subject, that is, a person who has a scientific-based education in this field. Psychiatry is a medical department that has become a science in the last century. If we list the main sections where help can be obtained about mental health;


After completing the medical school education, people who have taken the TUS (Medical Specialization Examination) for 5 more years and have successfully completed this training receive the title of psychiatry specialist. In other words, they are people who have received an average of 10 years of education in this field and have passed tough exams.


Persons who have completed 4 years of Psychology undergraduate education under the umbrella of Science-Literature or Social Humanities receive the title of psychologist. Afterwards, they get the title of expert psychologist and PhD (Dr) Psychologist, respectively, by doing a master's degree for 2 years and a doctorate for 5 years, depending on their field of interest. Especially those who have completed higher education in the field of Developmental and Clinical Psychology serve as competent in the field.

Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department

PDR (Psychological Counseling and Guidance) Department: In PDR, an undergraduate education similar to psychology is given under the roof of the Faculty of Education. Afterwards, they get the title of specialist Psychological Counselor and PhD (Dr) by doing 2 years of master's degree and 5 years of doctorate according to their field of interest.

Child Development and Pedagogues

They are people who have completed their undergraduate education in this field and successfully completed their 4-year education.

Life Coaches (!)

Such a definition and line of business is a fabrication of the western society, which has no peers and social circles, rather than our society. There is no separate Undergraduate education. Every coach who says he is a coach claims to serve in this field.


Apart from these, there are also people who have completed other undergraduate departments and have received various certificates and serve in the field.

In this process, the most important task that falls to the client, patient or their relatives is to investigate whether people who say that they have the title actually have that title. If they deem necessary, they should question the diplomas or work permits of the people.